Dance Poles & Accessories

Dance Poles Accessories

The world’s impression of pole dancing has changed a lot over the last few years. With new exercise regimen like Zumba constantly emerging, it is not really surprising that many have turned to this exotic style into a way to lose weight and connect with their feisty inner-being. While pole dancing remains a signature of exotic dancers that requires peak physical fitness and skill, adventurous people can make it all about a new lifestyle.

Dance Poles

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to look to buy dancing pole complete sets and accessories. There are many poles available online that you can purchase with discretion, delivering right to your home. The most common pole size is of 45 mm thickness, and can be either static or spin. Extensions are available if you have a higher ceiling, and each one comes with all you will need to assemble and install it wherever you like.

Dance Pole Accessories

There are a number of pole dancing fitness accessories to choose from. If you want to make your dance pole more personalised and safe, crash pads that come in a variety of colours are available. Lay them around the bottom of the pole, so if you lose your grip and sink to the floor, you help to prevent injury. Knowing you are safe will let you be more experimental in your moves.

Pole Dancing Classes

You won’t be a pro the first time you use a pole, but that’s fine. Pole dancing classes are a fun way to exercise, learn and meet new friends with the same interests. Available in almost every city or town, you will meet with dancers who have used dancing poles as a way to stay fit and bring some spice back into their lives. Professional instructors who will let you go at your own pace tend to teach these courses, and you can even look for instructional DVDs.

Other Fitness Equipment

Other similar fitness equipment and gear includes resistance cords, skipping ropes and abdominal machines. Every one of these will help shape your core and build muscle.