Score a bullseye with quality darts

Darts is played by many as a traditional pub game as well as a competitive sport all around the world. Darts simply consists of throwing darts at a dartboard to score points.

Some people may see darts as being relatively easy as you are just throwing the darts at the dartboard and receiving a score. However, there is more of a science to it for some. If you are a beginner and looking to start getting into this activity then any dart is going to be good enough to get you throwing. For those of you who have been refining the art for longer, you will know that the type of grip, the weight, and design of the dart will have an impact on your score.

Darts, flights, and shafts

There isn't a wrong answer with what the best weight and style of a dart is, although everyone has their own preferences and knows what feels right when throwing. So whatever your style may be you can customise your dart experience by looking through the different darts, flights, and shafts.

The shaft is typically made from plastics, nylon polymers or metals, and can come rigid or flexible. There are longer and shorter shafts available, with longer shafts known to provide greater stability when throwing. However, some feel that having long shaft darts have their disadvantages, as there is a greater chance of wobbling mid-flight.

Dart flights are the feather-looking part of the dart at the end, and there are hundreds of different flights available on eBay to customise your dart in different colours, shapes, and designs. The shapes typically come in either a pear shape, standard size, or kite shape.

Not only are darts and dartboards available, but you can find other darts equipment, from cabinets for setting up at home, scoreboards for your tournaments, and rubber dart board mats so everyone knows how far back to stand.