Hit a bullseye with your new Dart Shaft

Legend has it that darts originated from the result of warriors being bored during the medieval era and during their downtime would throw spears at a thin slice of felled tree. Darts have come a long way since then and the design, structure and flight of the dart have definitely improved too. We now see darts as being a game for everyone whether thats down the pub, at home or as a hobby. This activity is also competitively played worldwide in countries such as the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Germany and many more.

Darts can be as simple as picking up any old dart and throwing it at the dartboard, however, the more you play the more you can appreciate the weight and design of a dart. The shaft for instance (also known as the stem) is the length and material of the dart and eBay provides a wide variety of styles including nylon shafts and brands including Winmau, Unicorn and Harrows to customise yours from.


The materials you can find on eBay with the shafts range from nylon to supergrip to aluminium and polycarbonate shafts which all have their own unique benefits such as how durable and strong it is and the overall length.

The length of the shaft is down to your own unique throwing style and preference. The length will influence the way the dart flies, for instance, short shafts will move the centre of gravity towards the front end, so if you naturally hold your dart towards the front end then the shorter shaft may be more appropriate. Whereas long shafts shift the centre of gravity towards the back.

Next time you decide to take part in a game of darts you can now make sure you have an extra advantage to hit a bullseye. So move over Phil Taylor there is a new sheriff in town.