Darts and Accessories

Darts is a game of skill, but you can't show off all your skill without the right set of darts. From the flights to the tip, your darts are the key to your game. You want just the right amount of weight to carry the darts all the way to the dart board but not so much that you can't keep them flying all night.


Before you can play darts, you need two things: darts and a dart board. The darts themselves are made up of four main parts: the point, the barrel, the shaft, and the flights. While the choice of point is dependent on whether you use an electronic dartboard or not, the choice of the rest has to do with your comfort in throwing. Tungsten barrels allow for more weight in a slim dart, but some find it harder to hold. Shaft length changes the balance, while the flights keep the dart on course.


Most dart boards feature a bristle face, like the end of a brush. They use sisal fibres so the dart lands between them, and the hole closes up when you remove it. Other choices include cork, coiled paper, and wood. You can play darts on any of them, but in most cases the bristle board offers a great match of durability and self-healing.

Electronic Dart Boards

While most darts enthusiasts use steel points and bristle boards, electronic dart boards are growing in popularity. Often using soft plastic tips, they don't give quite the same experience as regular darts and accessories, but they can also do things like track the scoring automatically.

Choosing Darts

When choosing darts it's important to check the weight and balance. Lighter darts are faster, but heavier ones often feel like they give you more control; though they do need larger flights. It's always worthwhile to check out a good brand like Harrows darts and equipment so you can see all your available choices.