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Data Loggers

Data Loggers

Data loggers are important devices in science, engineering and education. A data logger is a battery-powered instrument that measures quantitative data with reference to other variables, such as time or location. To analyse and record information, data loggers use electronic sensor systems. Monitoring environmental conditions is one of the most common uses of data loggers, giving the user the ability to observe relative changes in temperature, wind speed or humidity.


Intended for use in both the lab and the field, data loggers are lightweight, portable and compact. As people deploy them for long periods of time, data loggers feature shockproof and environment-proof plastic encasing to protect the microprocessor, battery and sensor systems. With simple hardware and software design, your data loggers design is all about stability, ensuring that your results store securely and the instrument is free from bugs or crashes.

Application Versatility

Many different fields use data acquisition, from event recording in the transportation industry to diagnostic testing in information technology. Depending on model specifications, you can use your data logger to record environmental variations, monitor web application traffic or measure energy consumption profiles. You can choose a data logger with limited or multi-function sampling parameters. Whether you’re a student with a simple data recording project or an engineer using a multi-spectrum data acquisition module, there is an expansive range of both simple and specialised data acquisition units and systems to choose from.

Smart User Protocols

You can use a micro-USB cable to interface your data logger with a laptop or desktop computer, ensuring that inputting and processing data logging results is a quick and easy process. Alternatively, take advantage of developments in real-time data logging, giving you the ability to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication for remote device control and instantaneous analysis of collected data.


Connective with major operating systems and databases, smart instrument protocols are increasingly compatible with open source programs and systems. Moreover, with a range of universally compatible sensor expansions and attachments, your data logger’s sensor capabilities can easily upgrade for use in more complicated projects.

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