Datelined Ceramics

Datelined ceramics from your favourite eras

Collectors of ceramics will be familiar with the term datelined, which refers to a period to which the pieces of pottery were produced. Here on eBay, you will find a mixture of ceramics across a range of periods, all stamped with a date of manufacture, usually connecting them with a studio, specific design range, and designer.


There are a number of ceramic marks on antique ceramics to verify authenticity. The marks on pieces of ceramics assist to identify the origin and value of pieces. Ceramic marks are usually applied in four ways, painted, printed, impressed, or incised. Keep an eye out for these to ensure that your piece of ceramics is authentic.

A global tradition

Almost all cultures have a long history of ceramic art and ancient pottery could be argued as one of the worlds most ancient art forms with ceramic objects left behind as evidence from now-vanished cultures. Chinese, Cretan, Greek, Persian, Mayan, Korean, and Japanese ceramics, as well as the modern Western cultures, are all well known.


Technically speaking, ceramics are objects made from materials permanently changed when heated. Traditionally, ceramic items are made from clay, or a clay-based mixture of materials, that are then shaped and subjected to heat. Much of the tableware and decorative ceramics are still produced by this traditional manner.

Various different clays are used with different minerals and firing conditions to produce earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and bone china, also known as fine china. Each of these has a varying degree of translucency, porosity, and hardness that lends themselves to a range of surface finishes.

Styles of ceramics

From the stylish and strange retro forms of mid-century ceramics to the curvaceous lines of art nouveau pottery or the brightly painted designs of antique Victorian porcelain china and figurines, feast your eyes on a sumptuous collection of ceramic plates, bowls, vases, cups, and saucers and more on eBay.