David Bromley Art Paintings

David Bromley Art Paintings

David Bromley is a well known Australian artist who creates a wide array of work including paintings, sculptures, collages, and decorative plates. His work has a distinctive style and it is easy to recognize. You can find David Bromley original art paintings as well as David Bromley art prints or posters. Having a piece of David Bromley artwork displayed in your home can add a splash of colour to a room and it can be a great conversation starter with guests.

What Subjects do David Bromley Art Paintings Typically Feature?

David Bromley paintings feature a number of different subjects but they typically fall into three categories.

  • One of the subjects David Bromley commonly paints is children. He does portraits of individual children, and often paints them doing something creative, such as drawing or painting. He also paints groups of children playing imaginative games, going on adventures together, or simply holding hands.
  • David Bromley is also known for his paintings of birds and butterflies. He paints them in flight and often surrounded by flowers or plants.
  • The third subject that Bromley is known for is female nudes. His David Bromley Belinda series, which features various nudes, is one of his most well known series of paintings.

What Artistic Style do David Bromley Paintings Have?

David Bromley has an artistic style that is difficult to pin down because he borrows from many different styles.

  • Most David Bromley Original art €paintings feature a high degree of realism with anatomically correct animals and people as well as detailed flowers. Some of the children in his paintings are reminiscent of the innocent, wide-eyed children seen in artwork done by Norman Rockwell and similar artists.
  • Some of the backgrounds of his paintings are more abstract, and even reminiscent of a colour field style, because of his use of blocks of colour. This is particularly true of his series of nudes which often feature blocks or strips of colour crossing the womans face and body.

What Colour Schemes to David Bromley Paintings Have?

Most David Bromley paintings feature rich, saturated colours.

  • His paintings of butterflies and birds often feature bright primary colours contrasted with pastel accents and a white background to make the colours pop.
  • Bromleys paintings of children are typically somewhat pastel with bright, striking backgrounds. The colour schemes are reminiscent of newspaper and magazine advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s.
  • David Bromleys nude paintings have women painted in flesh tones, with with bright, somewhat surreal colours in various patterns across their bodies and in the background.