De'Longhi Toasters with 4 Slices


Make great toast with a DeLonghi 4 slice toaster

If you love visually appealing small kitchen appliances that work brilliantly, look no further than the range of DeLonghi 4 slice toasters!

How do you like your toast in the morning?

Not everybody likes the same type of toast. Of course, there are different types of bread you can use, but the key is how toasted the bread is. Some people like very light toasting, while others prefer a crisp, golden-brown piece. Fortunately, DeLonghi makes it easy for everybody in the family to get the type of toast they want.

With several different heat and time settings, you can get the toast you love every morning. Some have the traditional dial to control how long you want it to cook for. Others include additional buttons that give you even more control. For toast the way you want it, choose DeLonghi!

Different types of DeLonghi 4 slice toasters

Naturally, the DeLonghi range comes in plenty of different colours, such as a black 4 slice toaster, even pink toasters! But the colour is only a small part of what makes each toaster different. The key difference between most of these toasters is the type of bread you can use in them. Some are wide slot/bagel toasters, meaning there is heaps more room to enjoy thicker slices of bread. Others are standard, meaning you can usually still get thicker toast bread in them, but you may not have the freedom to cook bagels and other similar items.

Cool features of DeLonghi toasters

DeLonghi’s range of 4 slice toasters come with a range of cool features to make your life easier. Having been in the small appliance business for a long time, the company knows how to deliver the features that customers want. Here are just some of the features to look for on a DeLonghi toaster:

  • High-lift: Access your cooked toast much more easily.
  • Removable crumb tray: No more mess on the bench, just take out the crumb tray and clean easily.
  • Toast colour settings: Simply choose how toasted you want your bread to be.

Defrost function: Forgot to thaw out your bread? No problem, defrost before you toast!