Whether it is Halloween, or a fancy-dress party there is nothing better, or simpler, than coming dressed as an iconic superhero. Deadpool’s movie revolutionised the marvel movies and quickly became an audience fan favourite. It was created on a relatively tiny budget of 58 million USD, but became a box office smash hit bringing in over 780 million USD. It’s considered a smidge more violent than all over Avenger’s and X-men movies, but Deadpool’s crass jokes, joker attitude, and excellent writing has made him a figure people want to dress up for years to come.

Deadpool Costume

There are options to buy a full Deadpool costume which comes with the two machetes, gloves, holster, and tool belt. Otherwise you can just pick the cheaper option of Deadpool’s Balaclava type mask. There are also child sizes available if you are trying to find a costume for your kid. The costumes available range from branded near replicas of Deadpool’s red and black outfit, to cheaper lycra one-piece suit. Other costumes are made with a combination of leather and linen to give it a realistic look. Be mindful that most costumes do not include boots or footwear. Most costumes available on eBay will have detailed size descriptions, so consider getting your measuring tape right to get the ideal fit for you.

Super Hero Costumes

If you think that Deadpool is going to be too popular of a party costume this year, you can also consider choosing one of the alternative super hero costumes available on eBay. There is a wide range of Marvel costumes including Thor, Starlord, Ant Man, or Spiderman. If you prefer DC comics, you may rather opt for Batman, The Joker, Aquaman, or Superman. There are also plenty of other men’s Halloween costumes available on the website. Ranging from some unique and funny options including inflatable grim reapers carrying you, classic scary figures from horror movies, or heroic astronauts.