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Dean Guitars & Basses

Dean Guitars and Basses

No instruments say more about modern music than guitars and basses. Whether electric or acoustic, Dean guitars have a reputation for both quality and performance that is hard to beat. Drawing the approval of such artists as Megadeths Dave Mustaine and Poison frontman Bret Michaels, the company has spent years cultivating an enviable reputation for its instruments.

Electric Guitars

Whether solid body or hollow body, Dean electric guitars rely on superior materials and excellent workmanship to produce an instrument with a clear, rocking sound. Most Dean electric guitars use a solid body as this allows them to spread out the mass more evenly, providing greater resonance and that big sound that really fills an arena.

Acoustic Options

When you want the natural sound of an acoustic guitar, Dean has you covered, too. You can also get Dean electro-acoustic guitars that give you the best of both worlds. Theres an acoustic side for for playing anywhere you might go, but you can plug it into an amplifier if you want to really fill a venue with sound. Its the one guitar you can take anywhere and be sure it works.


As a company, Dean is a big believer in resonance. Dean resonator guitars use metal cones under the bridge to produce a louder sound than conventional acoustics without amplification. While resonators were originally invented to solve the same problem as the electric guitar, even they are now available in electric models for people who want the unique sound but still need amplification.

Choosing a Dean Guitar

When looking at guitars and basses, it always helps to know what you want before you start searching. A rock musician who always plays on a stage has different needs than the folk musician who spends more time playing around a campfire than in a building.