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Effortless. Edgy. Fashion.

That’s the message DECJUBA is putting out there. The fashion brand is one of Australia’s leading privately owned retailers that was re-launched in 1008 by Tania Austin. To date, the company has grown from six stores across the country, to more than 120 stores. 

The clothing itself is unique, wearable and comfortable – available in sizes from XS to L, sizes 6 to 16 - and it’s designed to make you feel confident as you step out into the world!

Sustainable & Ethical

One of the key factors for DECJUBA clothing is sustainability and the ultimate goal is for 80% of all new apparel is to contain sustainable fibres. Not only that, but 100% of all denim and cotton products will be made with BCI accredited cotton.

In 2016, the company launched the D-Luxe Basics collection and in 2017, DECJUBA Kids was brought into the marketplace – allowing DECJUBA mums to buy clothes for their children from the same amazing brand they love themselves. 

DECJUBA is fashion forward and provides affordable clothing, designed by those with a passion for making women look (and feel) amazing.

Keep reading to find out more about their amazing range:

Decjuba Clothing For Women

DECJUBA is a leader in women’s clothing, with a huge range of styles available. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for tops and blouses, dresses or coats, pants or skirts, shorts or jumpsuits – DECJUBA has you covered. There’s a huge variety of prints up for grabs, including animal print, stripes, flowers, or straight colours – just to name a few! Whether you prefer machine washable clothes, hand-wash only or dry cleaning, you’ll find a range of garments available. Shop by material for ease, with the main options including polyester, denim, viscose, leather, cotton, silk, lace, wool and nylon.

Decjuba Women’s Tops And Blouses

Step into summer or rock into spring with DECJUBA women’s tops and blouses. You’ll find gorgeous quality blouses, or basic T-shirts and tank tops in a range of designs. From cute little floral designs, to lace, stripes, animal prints, and image-tees; the choice is yours. Shop by long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless and choose a top that suits your comfort requirements. 

With the help of the amazing DECJUBA designers, you can find tops and blouses that are guaranteed to impress in any situation. Need a few tips? Shop to suit your skin tone or body shape, avoiding sleeveless blouses for heavy arms; choosing long sleeves for long hands; halter necklines for athletic bodies; thin straps for hourglass figures; and heavy embroidery for petite women.

Decjuba Dresses For Women

When shopping online, choosing a dress isn’t always as simple as simply finding a colour you like. DECJUBA dresses for women vary in size and design – and it’s important you not only find a pattern you like, but also a style that suits your gorgeous body! Whether you have curves, or you want to create some; or if you prefer something long to cover your legs, or short to show them off; there’s a DECJUBA dress that’s designed just for you! If you want to accentuate your body shape, here are some of our best tips. For the hourglass figure, opt for V-neck designs and cinched in waistlines. If you are pear-shaped, a strapless dress or fitted open neck and A-line or full skirt is going to look amazing! For the athletic body, balance the upper body with A-lines and low waistlines, and make the most of ruching and draping. If your figure is rounder, or apple shaped, belted dresses will highlight those curves; drop-waist dresses and swing dresses will give you confidence to soar!

Decjuba Jumpers & Cardigans For Women

When the weather starts to cool down, or if you spend a lot of time outdoors, jumpers and cardigans are a must-have item of clothing. If you’re looking for something new this cold season, shop online for a jumper that’s comfortable and designed to keep you toasty. When it’s not quite cold enough to rug up, cardigans can keep the edge off. There’s knit jumpers, crop jumpers, slim cardigans, wool blends, long cardis, embroidered sweats, sequins and ponchos – just to name a few!

When choosing a cardigan or jumper, take into account you want to not only be warm, but also keep yourself from looking “frumpy” in the cold. Choose a fitted style to accentuate your curves or give yourself a more professional look if you’re buying for work. And try something different – patters and pastels are great for brightening up a drab winter’s day! When shopping, also take into account the material type to ensure comfort. 

Decjuba Jumpsuits, Rompers and Playsuits For Women

Jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits take many women back to their childhood – even though the first jumpsuits were made in 1919. The name “jumpsuits” was actually derived from its history – with the outfit originally designed as a practical outfit for parachuters and sky divers! Although that’s how they started out, by the 1960s and 1970s, jumpsuits and rompers were worn by women around the world – and loved for their comfort and ability to dress up and down. Thanks to designers like DECJUBA, jumpsuits and playsuits are no longer an item of clothing to wear around the house. In fact, you can wear them anywhere – even to work – and still look stylish! 

DECJUBA also designs and sells jeans for women, pants, skirts and shorts – so make sure you shop around today to find an outfit you love. DECJUBA also sells a range of accessories online, from bags, shoes and belts, to perfumes, eye masks, and even hand cream! All your beauty needs in one place.

DECJUBA fashion is edgy and effortless. Shop on eBay today and you’ll find an abundance of clothing options for all occasions. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the park with friends, or out for a night on the town; you’ll find an outfit to match. Search through all the colours and styles to suit every mood and wow your friends with your stunning style.