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Deck Screws

It's great to build a bit of a decking in your back garden, somewhere to put the barbie and sit with your mates or your family and enjoy the sunshine. Decking is also pretty good in the rain too, helping you avoid the wet grass and muddy puddles.

And the best part about a deck is that it is so easy to build, you just lay it all out and screw it together.

Choosing decking screws

Obviously, the single most important part of your deck is the timber itself, but your choice of deck screws can make a huge difference. Choose the right deck screws and they'll save you a whole heap of work putting it all together. Choose the wrong screws for your climate, and you'll be doing it all again in just a few years, as your screws rust away.

What to look for in decking screws

Nearly all decking screws are made from stainless steel, which comes in two main types. 304 steel is the most common and will last a long time in most outdoor applications. However, if you want better corrosion resistance, choose 316 screws, which have a higher concentration molybdenum to resist rust.

Deck screws are graded in diameter, or gauge, and the higher the gauge, the thicker and stronger the screw. The most common deck screw gauge is 10g, which will serve most purposes, although they range from 7g up to 14g and more.

Finally, you want to choose deck screws that fit your tools, so pick cross head screws, or make sure you the right Allen key, drill or screwdriver bit to fit other screw head types.

Some screws will save you the time of drilling pilot holes because they will drill one themselves as they are driven in. These cost a bit more but they do save time on installing your deck. If you live in a particularly corrosive area, such as a beachfront property that's hit by salt and spray, you might want to consider galvanised deck screws as further rust proofing.