Deck Wash Pumps

It doesn’t matter if you have a 30-metre pleasure boat or the smallest fishing boat; deck wash pumps are always useful. They allow you to quickly and easily clean up messes from inside your boat by pumping ocean water straight out of a hose so you can access it. While deck wash pumps are an easy way to keep things clean, remember that salt water is very corrosive and can cause damage. Be careful when using your deck wash pump, and be sure to rinse everything with fresh water when you are back on dry land.

12-volt Pumps

12-volt pumps can connect straight to your boat’s battery or power supply without the need for an inverter. This makes them popular among small boat owners who have done their own boat plumbing. Take a look at the wide range of 12-volt water pressure pumps on the market; you should be able to find one here that is perfect for your needs.

Bilge Pumps

While you can connect your deck wash pump so that it acts as a bilge pump at the same time, separate bilge pumps can be a good idea. If your boat doesn’t have scuppers or some other sort of water outlet on the deck, most of the water that comes in through your deck wash pump will end up sitting in your hull. You don’t want too much water in your hull, or you won’t be able to handle your boat as well as you should. Consider adding a bilge pump to your boat’s plumbing to keep you safe and sound at sea!

Other Boat Plumbing Gear

If you are trying to do your own boat plumbing, you will probably need a number of different parts and tools. You should be able to find all your boat plumbing and ventilation equipment right here. Make sure that you buy the right gear so that you can do a good job; you can never be safe enough out on the ocean!