Decorative Boxes, Jars & Tins

Store your belongings in decorative boxes

Decorative boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of things. From storage facilities to decorative pieces adorning your home, these boxes not only add to the aesthetics of your household but are also equally practical and useful.

Here on eBay, you will find all manner of decorative boxes that will make the perfect addition to any room. From big statement pieces to smaller charming types, youll find the decorative box thats right for you.

Types of Decorative Boxes

With such a wide variety of decorative boxes available, there are many types to suit your needs. Youll find cute little handmade wooden jewellery boxes, embellished with beautiful carvings and patterns, or quality-finished copper decorative boxes, both great choices for holding precious stones, rings and necklaces.

For even smaller more delicate storage boxes youll find a range of trinket boxes, available in some gorgeous and unique designs that would look beautiful on a mantlepiece or table top.

If its a shabby chic look youre going for, youll find a fantastic range of trunks and keepsake boxes with lids that are slightly bigger and better sized for storage.

A range of different styles

Whether you are after a rustic wooden box, a floral decorative storage box or a simple black or white box, you can find a variety of different styles here on eBay.

Ranging from worn leather styles, classic metal engraved treasure chests to mini wood- engraved ornamental music boxes, theres a vast array of antique decorative boxes that have retained all their charm.

Perfect for childrens bedrooms, cute carousel music boxes and must-have toy storage boxes are a great addition to your home. If you find space is often at a premium then some handy, durable storage boxes are an ideal way to stay organised.