Decorative Mirror Tiles

Decorative Mirror Tiles Add Visual Appeal and a Sense of Space

Decorative mirror tiles help enhance the visual appeal of any room. They can be used for creating large mirror walls, ornamental mirrors, and also murals. You can find a huge variety of decorative mirror tiles on eBay.

Do decorative mirror tiles come in different shapes?

Mirror tiles come in multiple forms, including square, triangular, arched, and rectangular. The coatings are also varied and are often available in bronze, silver, or copper colourings. Tiles can also be bought with a specific design or logo on them.

Innovative ways to use decorative mirror tiles in your home

Mirror tiles can be used in multiple ways. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Making massive, segmented mirrors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways.
  • Install area-specific decorative mirror tiles on the outside wall adjacent to your garden or porch area. This can help make a small garden look bigger and wider.
  • A decorative mirror tile’s beauty is accentuated by light. If there is no or too little natural light available, add some light fixtures. These can include a wall or overhead light that will help to create the desired lighting effect.
  • You can set up crafty interplay between these tiles and other items around your house. For instance, these tiles could be strategically installed to reflect a piece of art positioned directly opposite.
  • Mirrored tiles are not just for walls, but can be used on ceilings too.
How do you prepare your walls for decorative mirror tiles?

Before you buy mirrored tiles, measure the door or wall to be covered. Make sure that any big bumps are smoothed out. You can use graph paper to sketch things out and make sure you're buying the right amount. Plan the tile pattern you’d like to use (basic block patterns are extremely easy, but the tiles can also be set in other patterns, such as a diamond) and if only a portion of a wall is to be tiled, you need not cut the tiles. If the entire wall is to be tiled, plan arrangements so that only a handful of tiles require cutting.

Things to consider when laying mirror wall tiles

Each type of decorative mirror tile may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions:

  • Use liquid or silicone nails to lay the tiles once surface trimming and pre-alignment aspects have been taken care of. The tiles often come with a protective stretch film, which should be removed before you start the lining.
  • It’s critical to ensure there is zero contact between the tile and abrasive materials, such as cement and sand.
  • In order to prevent chipping during installation, tile ends shouldn’t come in contact with each other. To cut the tile, a regular glass cutter would suffice.