Everything you need to know about Christmas nutcrackers

What is a Christmas nutcracker?

A Christmas nutcracker is a figurine typically made in the shape of a toy soldier baring his teeth. Many people place nutcrackers in their homes purely for festive decoration. But, as the name suggests, some can be used to crack nuts. If you’re a macadamia lover, a nutcracker is the perfect Christmas decoration for you!

How does a Christmas nutcracker work?

Start by opening the jaw of the nutcracker. To do this, pull the back lever downward. Then, place a nut in its open mouth between the two rows of teeth. Next, push the lever upwards to close the jaw. When done with enough force, this should crack the nut in the nutcracker’s mouth.

What is the meaning behind the nutcracker?

The nutcracker is intended as a protector against evil spirits. He represents strength and acts as a metaphorical defender for the household against danger. His presence is intended to bring luck and goodwill to his human family. This symbolism stems from several sources, most notably the story of ‘The Nutcracker and the mouse King’ by E. T. A. Hoffmann. In this festive children’s tale, the nutcracker comes alive at Christmas time to defend a little girl against an evil mouse.

How to decorate with a nutcracker

It is very easy to decorate with nutcrackers.

  • Place them by a fireplace, on the TV unit, by your Christmas tree, on a shelf in your kitchen or wherever he can stand to watch over your household.
  • Use two nutcrackers to create symmetry within your decor by placing one on either side of an object or feature of your home.
  • Coordinate the colour of your nutcrackers to match with the rest of your Christmas decor. Nutcrackers are commonly painted red and will match perfectly with red baubles and tinsel.

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