When you have a space that’s too moist, a little more happens than just a little extra humidity in the air. Too much moisture can make you feel uncomfortable, and cause airborne mould and mildew to grow in the room. Even your belongings can become mouldy and damaged as well. Whether you need one to purify a finished basement or simply have a room that’s prone to humidify, the right dehumidifier can really make a big difference when it comes to the air quality in your home.

Size Options

The size option you choose has a direct correlation on the size of the room you’re attempting to dehumidify. For example, a mini dehumidifer can dehumidify a smaller space. It’s also incredibly portable, so you can take a small unit from room to room if you find different rooms need different levels of care at different times. Larger dehumidifiers, of course, serve larger areas of your home. Many are still portable as well.

Moisture Options

Again, the size of the dehumidifier may correlate with its moisture control system. At some point, any dehumidifier will need emptying. Most have an included tray to catch water taken from the air. Dehumidifers with moisture traps are the most common kind, even when shopping large or small sizes. For some models, the air filter or other filter may “catch” moisture as well, and these models are maintained simply by replacing the filter often.

Fresh Air

Any room that’s too moist will not have high air quality. Dehumidifiers are great for keeping the moisture level down in your home. Just because you can’t see mould doesn’t mean it isn’t growing - it can often grow behind walls or in crevices, adversely affecting your air quality. Moisture-rich rooms also attract pests of all kinds, including cockroaches and other insects. Keeping the air quality pure and dry helps to keep the pests at bay.

Other Devices

Some rooms, like below-ground basements or cellars, may be excessively moist. A dehumidifier will certainly do a good job, but you may want to even use other devices along with the dehumidifier. Portable fans are a solid option, and so are air conditioners. While they may circulate air, they also dry the air in the room, working with your dehumidifier to dry the air effectively.