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Dell Computer Power Supplies

Dell Computer Power Supplies

Dell Technologies, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has been producing high-quality computer parts since 1984. Dell has developed a reputation for functionality and compatibility, and their diverse computer power supply range shows that this reputation isn’t unfounded. The PSU (power supply unit) is one of the most important components in a desktop computer, converting mains AC electricity to safer DC power.


The sturdy and adaptable PSU systems from Dell give you a range of options, ensuring that your PSU suits your needs. Following the standard and simple design of traditional PSU units, you can place Dell systems in many different desktop computers. Whether you’re wanting to replace the PSU in your work computer or you’re building your own desktop from scratch, Dell can offer PSUs that will get the job done. The Dell PSU range includes products that can fit in full-size, mini ATX and ATX computer chassis. The most popular Dell PSU form factor is the Dell ATX computer power supply.

Environmentally Friendly

Dell, having developed the first PSU to earn a gold certificate rating from the US energy consortium, has a clear focus on developing innovative computer power supplies without compromising the future of our planet.

Energy Saving

Dell PSUs are energy efficient, consuming up to 26 percent less energy than previous generations of PSUs. Over the past decade, Dell PowerEdge servers have increased their performance per watt 101 times over, leading to vast improvements in PSU performance without requiring higher energy consumption. Dell PSUs automatically revert to sleep mode when your computer is not in use, further improving energy efficiency.

High Performance

PSU systems from Dell can offer reliable power that will withstand high and demanding use. With wattage ranging from 650W to 1200W, Dell PSUs will be able to cope with everything from light office work to high-performance gaming. Moreover, Dell PSUs use high quality capacitors and feature surge protection, ensuring that your power supply will not harm the rest of your computer components.