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Dell Desktop PCs

Despite the growth in the laptop market, there are still plenty of uses for Dell Desktops. Laptops have to make a lot of tradeoffs in the quest for portability, and that provides lots of opportunity for their larger cousins. The switch from a battery to a power point means that PC desktops can run more powerful processors for higher performance. There's also more room for expansion and cooling because your computer doesn't have to fit in a laptop bag.

All-In-One PCs

Dell designs its all-in-one PCs to offer the best of both worlds. By putting all the components behind the screen, an all-in-one PC limits its footprint to that of the monitor. Not only is it more stylish than a tower under your desk, but it's also easier to set up, as it requires fewer cables and connections. All you have to do is plug it in, then connect your keyboard and mouse.

Dell for Business

The Dell Optiplex All-in-One line is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a large number of desktop units. Built for business, they balance performance with reliability. For more demanding uses, like servers and workstations, consider the line of Dell Precision All-in-One PCs. With more powerful processors and room for more memory, they are a solid step up from the Optiplex line.

XPS and Alienware

Performance enthusiasts can take advantage of the Dell XPS and Alienware lines. These PC desktops mix high performance components with robust design. You can add more memory, larger and faster hard drives, and even high-end gaming video cards for maximum computing power. The larger towers in the XPS line provide lots of room for cooling so you can run your computer at full power.

The Right Dell

Picking the right Dell desktop is a matter of figuring out what you want the computer for. Dell Optiplex all-in-one desktops are great for the home office, but an Alienware desktop is going to do a better job of meeting your gaming needs.