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Dell Inspiron Batteries

Similarly to batteries for other brands of laptops, Dell laptop batteries are considered to be a consumable item. As such, the decline of a laptop battery's life is not covered by warranty as it is held to be a normal attribute of any rechargeable laptop battery.

Dell Laptop Battery Expectancy

The time taken before Dell Inspiron XPS batteries wear out will depend on the amount of use that the laptop has, along with the age of the battery. Dell estimates that a typical user will begin to notice a reduction their laptop battery's performance between 18 and 24 months after purchase. After this time, computer users will need to purchase a new Dell laptop battery to restore the full battery life that they previously enjoyed.

Choosing the Right Laptop Battery for Your Dell

Dell Latitude batteries are measured in watt-hours (Whr), which is a way of measuring the amount of energy stored in the battery. Dell Inspiron batteries with a higher watt-hours rating will generally be more expensive and heavier than lower rating batteries but will have a significantly longer run time. Similarly, if you are more concerned with your Dell Inspiron batteries being lightweight or lower in cost, choose a lower capacity battery.

Changing Dell Inspiron Batteries

Unlike many other computer repair or upgrade procedures, changing Dell Inspiron batteries is both simple and quick. It is not necessary to turn off your Dell laptop computer when changing the battery, nevertheless, it is a good idea to save any open files for the rare event that your computer will shut down. Next, use your Dell AC adapter to plug your laptop directly into the power point, and check the system tray on your laptop to ensure that it is properly connected. The next step is to locate the battery latch on the underside of your Dell Inspiron, slide the latch and remove the old battery. From there, the new Dell laptop battery can be snapped into place, ensuring that the receptor pins align. Finally, keep your laptop plugged into the power point to charge your new battery, checking on its status in the system tray.