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Dell Laptop Screens & LCD Panels

Dell Laptop Screens and LCD Panels

No laptop is invincible, and screens may need to be replaced at some point throughout your laptops life. With a wide range of laptop screens and LCD panels available, you can repair your laptop and get back to work as soon as possible. Select from Dell’s range of glossy laptop screens and LCD panels and matte laptop screens and LCD panels, depending upon your preference. Changing your Dell laptop screen is a fairly straightforward process, though you can also opt to have a professional install.

Glossy vs. Matte

Every computer user has a preference for their laptop screens. Glossy screens provide rich colour and contrast, and black levels are deeper. Glossy screens do however attract fingerprints and if you work in a bright room, reflections will be noticeable. A matte screen has a coating applied to it, giving it a smooth, non-reflective finish that is preferred by people who work on their computer for extended periods of time. Some people find matte displays to be easier on the eyes due to the lack of reflection. Colours will not be quite as vivid, but you will still enjoy a crisp, high-quality display.

Display Resolution

It is important to consider the display resolution when purchasing laptop screens. The resolutions available for Dell laptops will range from 720p up to 4K. 1080p is the most common option and is preferred by most users, as it offer sharp text and good performance for mixed use such as typing documents, playing games and browsing the Internet. Higher resolutions such as QHD and 4K are recommended for those that require maximum clarity, such as photographers and videographers.

IPS Technology

Many laptop screens feature IPS technology. IPS stands for “In-Plane Switching” and improves the viewing angle, making it more convenient to read your laptop at various different angles. The colours on IPS panels are more accurate and the response times are very good, so they are suitable for a wide variety of uses and are the preferred option for most users.

Easy to Replace

Dell laptop screens are easy to replace, and there is no shortage of online tutorials. You should only attempt to replace your screen if you own an older laptop is outside of the warranty period. If you do not feel comfortable replacing it yourself, you can take your laptop and replacement screen to an authorised professional.