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Dell Network Disk Controllers and RAID Cards

The Dell network disk controllers and RAID cards are designed to match the ever-growing demands of digital storage. With greater storage comes greater spikes in processing loads, making it almost impossible for any server to handle anything without a Dell SAS network disk controller or a Dell SFP network disk controller.

RAID Cards in Non-RAID Mode

Most of these RAID cards can also work well even in non-RAID mode, however, RAID is still the best technology to help your system achieve peak performance. A RAID card drastically improves speed and accessibility, regardless of the hard-drive type.

Excellent Database Reliability

The Dell RAID card protects your server from any data loss. Since the server data is divided between several drives, no information is permanently lost if one of them fails. Simply pop-in a new drive and the RAID system will automatically sort everything out through complex math calculations.

Media Server Reliability

The Dell network disc controllers are also very useful in streaming digital media environments. Those who cannot afford any server downtime can use a RAID card to make a hot swap and fix the system while it's still running.

Dell RAID Cards and Legacy

Legacy support is a highly useful feature on a Dell RAID card. Using a newer Dell network disk controller, you can run a server that's surely a few generation older. Each RAID card model has a Dell Legacy matrix which contains all compatibility information you might need.

Different Server Boards, Different RAID Cards

The wide range of Dell RAID cards covers all standard server board slots from PCI to PCI-X and you can find external interfaces such as SAS, SATA I, SPF, Ultra SCSI and more. Regardless of your system's age, of one of these controllers is surely the right fit.