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Dell Tablets

With your busy lifestyle, you need more than a smartphone when you’re on the go. As a laptop or notebook can be burdensome to carry around, a tablet is an ideal choice for keeping up-to-date with work, checking email or catching up on social media while you’re out and about. It’s also a convenient accessory when you’re home, as you can use it for recipes, reading books and relaxing. Look for a wide selection of Dell tablets that suit a myriad of different computing needs.


Dell tablets come in several different styles, and are available in different sizes. A 7-inch tablet is good for many uses, but some people prefer a larger tablet, such as a 9- or 11-inch tablet, for performing work tasks. Dell tablets come included with Wi-Fi capabilities and Bluetooth. These Android tablets also offer connectivity to Google Play so you’re able to download all of your favourite apps quickly and easily. Powerful, vibrant HD screens allow you to watch movies and media in full HD. Beyond Android, you also have other choices, such as tablets with the Windows OS pre-installed. Choose from a variety of Dell Windows 8 tablets or choose a more recent version of Windows.

2-in-1 Tablets

When you need both a laptop and a tablet, Dell’s 2-in-1 tablets are a great idea. These can be used either as a laptop or tablet, as the keyboard either bends back or completely detaches. Choose from familiar Dell models that are sure to streamline your computing, such as the Inspiron, XPS and Latitude PCs. Many of these also have larger screens for convenience, such as 11, 12 and 13 inches.


For many, choosing a refurbished tablet is a great option, particular for economic reasons. Look for a Dell tablet that’s refurbished by a certified company, and enjoy all of the same benefits as if you purchased your tablet brand new. Refurbished options offer the same tablet styles, such as handheld and 2-in-1.


You may also need a few accessories for your Dell tablet along the way. Of course, all tablets come with a USB charger and wall charger. However, you may also want a pair of earbuds or headphones for quiet listening, or an SD or microSD card to help boost your storage capabilities. A cover, skin or protective shield is also a must so your tablet does not get scratched or broken.