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Dell Tower Enterprise Servers

Even the smallest businesses can benefit from dedicated servers. Dell Enterprise tower servers are an excellent option for companies of all sizes.


Modern, connected workplaces rely on servers. While peer-to-peer connection can work for the very smallest businesses, it quickly becomes problematic even with user numbers that are still quite small. Unlike regular computers, servers are designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This provides unbroken access to shared files and resources. Using a server also allows you to achieve greater data security by limiting access to files and logging changes and deletions. Finally, unlike a regular PC, servers are designed to stay on no matter what. They typically feature more redundancy than other computers, with multiple processors or power supplies that keep them running if the first fails.

Tower Servers

There are a few different kinds of Dell network servers available, all designed to meet different needs. Dell tower servers are a popular option. Tower servers look a lot like tower-style computers, although their internal workings are quite different. This type of server typically takes up more space per unit than a rack or blade server. However, unlike rack servers, tower servers do not need any special cabinets to hold them. Dell sells a range of PowerEdge tower servers from the compact PowerEdge T30 mini-server to the high-performance, two-socket PowerEdge T630.

Rack Servers

Dell rack mount enterprise network servers are the main alternative to tower servers. Rack servers are designed to be used in groups, by installing them in bays and then stacking them into larger towers. This allows them to share cable management systems. It also allows network managers to specialise the servers, allowing one to handle email, another to handle calendars and so on. However, large server towers will generate a lot of heat and require dedicated in-rack cooling systems.

Blade Servers

Blade servers are a relatively new kind of server technology with the potential to provide much more power-efficient and space-efficient server architecture. A blade chassis supplies power and cooling and contains multiple slots into which servers can be slid. The modular design increases density, makes cable management much easier and is extremely scaleable. Dell’s own PowerEdge FX chassis and PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure accommodate multiple individual blades for a customisable, high-powered server solution. While blade servers are more expensive than towers or racks, their efficiencies can really pay off for larger businesses.

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