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Dell Vostro Batteries

Dell Vostro Batteries

Dell Vostro is a line of laptops from the brand, Dell, built for small businesses. This line of computers provides more than what the ordinary PC offers; it provides expertise and customised technology and services that are fit for small businesses. As is common with all laptops, your Dell laptop battery will usually need replacing after it has served for sometime. How you use your laptop determines how long your battery will last before it needs replacing. For instance, someone using his laptop to play computer games will replace their battery sooner than someone using it to check emails or for other light tasks.


Dell manufactures laptop batteries having different specifications for use in their different laptop models. For example, Dell studio batteries are different in terms of size, shape and capacity compared to those of Dell Vostro. This is because the two models are built to accomplish distinct tasks and hence have different power demands and designs. Therefore, knowing your laptop’s exact model and shopping for genuine batteries is critical.


Sometimes purchasing a new dell battery goes beyond replacing a worn out battery. Some professions, such as journalism and photography, demand a lot of flexibility and travelling. In such cases, having more than one battery can increase your productivity significantly. A spare battery allows you to continue working when the primary battery gets discharged. Wireless networking drains batteries a lot faster and if there aren’t enough power outlets one is forced to leave the wireless hotspot.

Warranty and Safety

Apart from Dell, there are other battery manufacturers who provide Dell Vostro, Dell Studio and Dell Inspiron batteries. These manufacturers often claim that their batteries are safe for use in Dell systems but Dell cannot verify these claims. It is important to note that, according to Dell, when unverified batteries are used, they can increase the risk of fire and explosion. Furthermore, laptop performance can also suffer. Dell encourages users to use genuine laptop batteries which are also the only ones that come with a 1 year warranty.