Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammers

Demolition hammers, sometimes called breaker hammers, are a large class of hammer meant to be strong and durable enough to break through drywall, concrete, tiling and even construction timber during a demolition. Though, in some cases, these may be traditional steel or iron-head hammers on a synthetic or wooden handle, more often, these are motorised or electric power hammers.

Demolition Hammer Types

There are many different varieties and types of demolition hammers. These include electric jackhammers, motorised jackhammers, rotary demolition hammers, jackhammers, standing concrete jackhammers and framed jackhammers. These can come with spike bits, flathead bits, screw bits, spade or paddle bits and even tamper attachments. Most consumer-grade demolition hammers come in a gun arrangement with a trigger and forward-facing attachment.

Industrial Demolition Hammers

In general, an industrial jackhammer or demolition hammer is electric and requires the use of a power cord, unlike some consumer-grade options that can utilise battery packs. Higher-end varieties are gas-powered, clocking in at 32cc to 55cc. Most industrial options come with a wide variety of bits convenient for industrial applications, unlike consumer-grade options that may only have one bit, or iterations of one bit in multiple sizes.

Pavement Breakers

Pavement breakers are their own class of demolition hammer, and usually involve a large hammer set within a steel frame to keep the bit aligned downward. This reduces the risk of slippage and injury to the operator. Pavement breakers employ large bits meant to crack and penetrate through pavement, making it easy to remove.

Demolition Hammer Brands

Many tool manufacturers produce demolition hammers, including recognisable brands like Hitachi, Bosch and Dewalt. There are also many smaller brands that produce these tools as well including Makita, Armorbilt, Baumr-AG and Augerton. Many of these brands also produce accessories and complementary tools for their various demolition hammer models, such as additional bits, carrying cases, battery packs or supplemental power options, protection gear and more.