A retro classic back in style – denim overalls

They’re known by many names – overalls, dungarees, rompers. But whatever you want to call them, denim overalls are back in style in a big way. People love them for their versatility and the fact that you can wear them in any season. Wear them on their own, or even with a long-sleeve top underneath in the colder months. Whatever your preference, you can find multiple ways to wear your denim overalls.

Women’s overalls have been in and out of fashion for decades, but they seem to have firmly established themselves as a staple item now. eBay has a massive range of overalls from some of the most popular brands, so whatever your size and style preference, you’re in the right place to snag a bargain.

From the 80s to today

Denim overalls have been around for decades, and they seem to fall in and out of fashion. Perhaps the biggest era was the 80s and early 90s, when they were a huge part of urban culture, music, TV and therefore, the mainstream. Everywhere you looked, people were rocking denim overalls from our favourite TV shows to the biggest music video hits. After that, as with many women’s clothing items from that era, they fell out of favour for a number of years.

Fast-forward to today, and denim overalls are back in style. This time, it seems like the trend might be here for good. With so many clothing options, we’re seeing fewer fads and more consistent styles, so if you pick up a pair of denim overalls today, they’re not likely to go out of style any time soon. If you love a bit of retro fashion that’s been reimagined and recreated for a new era, it’s definitely time to explore the world of denim overalls.

Different types of denim overalls

There are really two main types of denim overalls to choose from. While the styles, shapes and designs will vary, they can generally be split into two groups:

  • Long overalls: As the name suggests, long overalls give you a full leg, while maintaining the traditional overalls top. The leg style varies, of course, from wide-leg to straighter cuts.
  • Shortalls: Shortalls look much the same in the top half, but on the bottom, they’re shorts rather than pants. Lovers of denim shorts prefer this option, and they’re great for a trendy, casual summer look.

The main thing you need to be wary of for both of these styles is the cut of the front piece (or the bib). Most provide you with appropriate coverage so that they can be worn with nothing underneath. However, there are a few designs where the bib is much more low-cut. There’s a little too much exposure with style, so these overalls are usually reserved for times when you want to wear a t-shirt or shirt underneath.

Great brands to choose from

The beauty of shopping on eBay is the massive variety you can find. You’re not limited to just the brands that your local stores want to stock. You can also find plenty of unbranded designs that usually come with a much lower price tag. So, for the budget-conscious shopper, there are plenty of options. The same goes for pre-owned items that you can usually get for a much lower price, even if they’re still in great condition.

Some of the popular brands you’ll find on eBay include:

  • City Chic
  • Element
  • Indigo Tonic
  • Zara
  • Gap
  • Boohoo
  • Billabong
  • Wrangler
  • Plus, many more

You don’t need to limit yourself when you shop on eBay. If you’ve got a particular brand that you love or have worn before, you can search for it easily.

How to wear denim overalls

Stuck for ideas on how to get a great look with denim overalls? There are plenty of women’s accessories and other types of clothing that look great with denim overalls. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Over a black t-shirt
  • Over a bohemian blouse with flowing sleeves
  • With sneakers and a white t-shirt
  • Over a white button-up shirt
  • With a loose-fitting t-shirt and a wide-brim hat
  • With a long-sleeve top and one strap undone

There are so many ways you can make your denim overalls look great, no matter what season you’re in. You’re only limited by your imagination and what you think looks good! One tip is to stay away from long-sleeve top options if you’re wearing shortalls. These usually look best either on their own. Or at best with a loose-fitting t-shirt underneath.