Looking for a way to smoothe out bumps, wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars? Give your skin the best chance to age gracefully by using a microneedle derma roller to stimulate natural skin renewal, promote blood circulation and tighten your skin. A derma roller complements your favourite beauty and anti-aging products.

How does a derma roller work?

Microneedle roller home skin care devices are made with hundreds of very small, medical-grade metal needles. The needles make tiny punctures through the outer skin layer and into the dermis as you roll the device over your skin. This process temporarily pushes your pores open, which the body perceives as damage and reacts to by stimulating the release of growth factors that trigger collagen production. By persistently triggering and stimulating your skin's natural healing mechanisms, you gradually enhance the health of your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Note that you may experience mild discomfort or pain when using this product. You should numb your skin before using a needle longer than 0.5mm.

What are the benefits of derma rolling?

Using a microneedle derma roller helps remove signs of tired skin and restore the appearance of smooth, fresh skin as your skin renews itself. Derma rolling smoothes out uneven patches of skin and creates a superior canvas for your makeup. The process also allows your other skincare products and beauty products to work deeper, faster and more effectively.

Derma roller needle sizes

Needle length is the most important consideration when buying a derma roller. Needles up to 0.5mm are designed to treat fine lines, mild stretch marks, shallow scarring, hyper pigmentation and sun damage. It can significantly boost your skin's absorption of topical products, and is less painful than using longer microneedles. Needles that are 0.75mm to 1mm long can treat deeper wrinkles and stretch marks, while rollers with 1.5-3mm needles can treat more severe scarring.

If you want to try to smooth out the look of your skin, browse the derma rollers available online every day from eBay.