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If you need makeup that provides coverage that's both high-quality and high-performance, Dermablend is just what you want to revamp your cosmetic collection. Even though all products manufactured by Dermablend are safe for all skin types, Dermablend will surely provide you with enough coverage to feel confident as you go about your day.

Anyone who needed to cover up a tattoo understands firsthand the transformative power of Dermablend. Their highly pigmented, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic cosmetic products can make most types of skin issue disappear instantly. These include acne, scars, bruises, rosacea, bug bites, as well as stretch marks, and even varicose veins.

High-performance coverage and wearability has all but assured its well-known and renowned recognition by professional makeup artists and the medical community.

Because of its exceptional product performance in terms of wearability, coverage, and skincare other benefits, Dermablend has been recognised consistently as the world's premier coverage makeup expert for over 30 years.

Recommended worldwide by both plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Dermablend Professional provides a complete natural-looking coverage for minor to major skin imperfections for men, women and children of all skin types and skin tones.

Dermablend Leading The Market

The market leader in cosmetic corrective makeup, Dermablend was originally developed in 1981 by American Dermatologist named Dr. Craig Roberts. Unable to find a suitable solution that existed that would enhance his patient's dermatology results, he collaborated with his makeup artist wife Flori, which resulted in the creation of Dermablend.

All Dermablend Cosmetic formulas are smudge-resistant, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, formulated for high-performance coverage, dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested for safety. This is because Dermablend was initially created for the desire to provide all people with coverage solutions no matter what type, tone, and condition their skin is in.

Dermablend Cover Crème

Dermablend's original foundation provides full coverage with up to 16 hours of consistent smudge-resistant and transfer-resistant colour wear. This cream foundation is never masky or cakey, as it features high-performance pigments in a high concentration. A versatile formula, Dermablend Cover Crème is most often used as a foundation, but it can also work as a cream contour and cream concealer.

This foundation cream evenly glides on to provide a face makeup which simultaneously looks natural and flawless, and ultimately leaves skin feeling soft, fresh, and smooth. Applying maximum coverage of Dermablend Cover Crème can conceal scars, burns, birthmarks and hyperpigmentation. It can also assist with post-procedure and post-operative concerns.

Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

This is a liquid foundation with highly concentrated pigments, so you never need to apply heaps of it. It wears nicely, and it works particularly well when covering post-inflammatory pigmentation and cystic acne.

Coupling this Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation with the Setting Powder makes both products last for up to 16 hours, which also means they are unable to transfer to your clothes. Apply the Setting Powder over the Camo Foundation, leave it set for around two minutes, then simply brush it off and you're good to last for the entire day.

If you want your skin to feel and look amazing, shop Dermablend products on eBay today. Your skin will love you for it.