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Dermalogica Skin Care

Dermalogica Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is important, but it is just as important to choose the right products to put on your skin. Dermalogica is a recognisable brand when it comes to skin care, and their range of products are extensive, including everything from cleansers to eye treatments to sun block.


Dermalogica skin cleansers are produced with different formulations in order to meet the needs of different skin types and also user preferences. The cleansers in this brand are all soap-free to prevent drying of the skin, and are available in both liquid and solid forms. A popular product in the cleanser group is the Special Cleansing Gel, which is a daily-use foam cleanser that gently purifies skin regardless of its type.

Anti Aging Products

If you are worried about your skin showing signs of aging, then there are a number of different products from the Dermalogica brand that cater specifically to fighting these signs. You can choose from a number of moisturisers and serums that help recovery of the skin, and pair that with a good eye treatment cream and lip treatment kit for comprehensive coverage.

Skin Kits and Sets

With so many products to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on what to buy in the Dermalogica line. In such a situation, it may be best to opt for the specially curated Dermalogica skin care sets and kits available for purchase. These kits contain products matched together according to different themes. These themes include skin type (combination, oily, or dry) and purpose of use; an example of the latter would be the Breakout Clearing Kit or the Age Smart Kit.

SPF Products

For those concerned with keeping the sun away from their skin, Dermalogica offers several types of SPF products to meet your needs. Some of the products are standalone sunscreens, while others are moisturisers and primers that contain SPF for a reasonable amount of protection.