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Got one to sell?

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Stay high and dry with desiccant and moisture absorbers

Businesses that ship products nationally and internationally know how important it is to ensure the end product arrives in perfect condition. Due to temperature and humidity changes during storage and transit, moisture can build up, leaving products tarnished and unable to use.

To avoid situations like this which may cost the company's bottom line and through customer loyalty, choosing the right shipping and cushioning supplies and packaging is a must. One way to prevent moisture build-up and deliver quality products to your customers is by using desiccant or moisture absorbers.

Effective moisture control

Desiccant sachets are well-known and used for many items that are in storage. They often consist of silica gel to absorb moisture and protect goods from damage against condensation. For metal products, they offer protection against rusting or oxidisation and for clothing or textiles, this tiny sachet prevents mould forming. The sachet is ideal for packages however big or small and they are unobtrusive to the recipient.

Gel beads

Another popular way to protect items from moisture is using silica gel beads. These blue coloured beads can be used in a wide range of places including tool boxes, storage containers, circuit boards and electronics plus many other locations. The colour of the bead is significant as when it turns a different colour from its original state, this indicates it is time to replace them. The colour change represents that it is not absorbing any more moisture so is not protecting your equipment or textiles.

Multipack and bulk buys

Desiccant and moisture absorbers are available in a variety of pack sizes including larger bulk buys. You'll find a range of sizes including bags of beads, small silica gel sachets and boxes suitable for individual requirements. Bulk buys are a great way to get more silica moisture absorbers and offer extra peace of mind when you send your product out to the customer.

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