Desktop Mobile Phone Holders

Mobile Phone Desktop Holders

As we tend to use our smartphones so often throughout the day, you'll want to look at getting a mobile phone desktop holder to keep it close to hand. Whatever brand or make of phone you have from Apple, Samsung to Nokia you can be sure to find a holder that will fit your mobile phone . you'll be spoilt for choice, from wood, plastic to aluminium materials, depending on what you are looking for in terms of functionality, durability and design from your mobile phone holder.

Dock station chargers

There are an array of mobile phone holders, depending on what style you're looking for. As technology has advanced over recent years, the main different types are now focussed around whether they are able to charge your phone or not. This is a really useful feature to consider, particularly during work hours at the office, where there is nothing worse than running out of battery.

Docking station chargers are usually weighted at the bottom to add additional stability along with being charged via a wall socket or on occasion battery powered. Some bulkier models are designed to hide the wires down the back of the holder, making it a tidier and more aesthetically pleasing unit to sit on your desktop.

Other types of desktop holders

Most mobile phone holders are adjustable on your desk, which is handy to allow you to change the view to be able to see your messages or the clock clearly or alternatively move it out of distraction altogether.

For a contemporary design, opt for an aluminium mobile phone desktop holder that could also double up as a smartphone tripod holder , to balance your camera when taking photos low down. Should you be hoping for something a little more quirky, there are a huge range of novelty holders that range from deckchairs, mini beanbags to high heeled shoes to put your mobile into. These can make great gifts for colleagues, friends or at Christmas a fantastic secret santa present.

With most children now owning a mobile phone once they get to a certain age, they'll love the fun and colourful designs guaranteed to put a smile on their faces! Choose from anime style characters or cute animals. Some models of mobile phone holders for children can also hold eReaders such as an iPad or Kindle and so are handy for your child to watch a programme or film, without the need to put a television in their bedroom.