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Detoxify while you sleep with detox pads

If youre on a bit of a health mission, clearing out the toxins from your body couldnt be easier when you use detox foot pads. Apply a simple detoxification patch to your feet at night and let them draw out the impurities while you sleep. This may seem unusual to the uninitiated but it is a popular practice in Asia. There are many detox foot pads available on eBay, most of which are made of natural ingredients.

Detox foot pads

Modern life brings with it exposure to high levels of toxins found in food, and the environment. The body needs a little help to process toxins such as heavy metals, which is where detox foot pads step in. Simply apply a small pad to the skin on the bottom of each foot and let ingredients like tourmaline and wood vinegar cleanse your body overnight.

You may feel a reduction in tension and an improvement in skin health. Jungong offers a pack of original foot detox patches in a handy resealable plastic bag, so you can take them wherever you go.

Balsam foot patches

If someone in your family is having difficulty sleeping, or struggling with a weak immune system, a pack of herbal foot patches could offer relief. On eBay, youll find Tomato Pie balsam PEAR foot care patches usually in a pack of 30, suitable for adults. These nifty patches consist of citrus peel, bamboo charcoal and bitter gourd ingredients to aid detoxification and promote enhanced immune function.

Reflexology pads

The holistic properties of reflexology are paramount to many people who use detox foot pads. VitaminLifes sole pad products contain botanical herbs, including 20 percent green tourmaline and cleansing bamboo vinegar. A pad can be placed on the foot or another afflicted part of the body. Within a month of use, you should notice the benefits such as increased energy and improved immune function.

Whether youre after a quick fix or a longer-term health program, youll find a broad range of detox pads, alongside an assortment of natural and alternative remedies.