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Keep It Clean With Dettol Hand Wash

The key to healthy hands is the use of safe products which keep them feeling soft and protected from bacteria or germs. That’s where Dettol comes in. Dettol is well known for its wide range of hygiene and cleaning products which help you ensure your home is germ-free and protected. From head colds to viral infections, following basic personal hygiene protocols and using a disinfectant hand wash can go a long way when it comes to protecting you and your family's health.

Washing your hands properly with Dettol hand washes can kill germs naturally. And by keeping your hands nourished with luxury lotions and disinfectant washes from Dettol, they’ll stay feeling fresh, soft, hydrated, and, most importantly, clean.

Parent-Approved Hand Wash

Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, Parent-Approved Hand Wash from Dettol is dermatologically tested to ensure it is kind on skin. This hand wash protects the whole family by killing 99.9 percent of germs and leaving your hands reassuringly clean, safe, and healthy.

Touch of Foam 

Touch of Foam from Dettol is a Hand Wash that’s soft on skin, tough on germs, and smells amazing. The unique creamy lather of this foamy hand wash is enriched with microscopic bubbles which help moisturise and deep clean the skin, to ensure your hands feel super soft after washing.

Raspberry Liquid Hand Wash

Dettol’s new formula Liquid Hand Wash smells like fruity raspberries and pomegranates, but feels like silk. Dermatologically tested to keep skin moisturised for up to 3 hours, this household essential kills 99.9 percent of germs and is available in a convenient pump bottle. So everyone in your family will love it.

Lime & Orange Foaming Handwash

Dettol’s Lime & Orange Handwash uses an antibacterial foam formula that’s suitable for everyday use, soft on skin, and still kills germs effectively. So keep a bottle in your bathroom and another in your kitchen, because you and your family deserve clean and healthy hands.

You’ll find a wide range of Dettol hand wash, soap, disinfectant, and so much more on eBay today.