If you want to store it, you want to use a Dexion storage solution. 

If you need storage shelving for your home, office or even a warehouse, relying on a brand whose heritage is with logistical storage shelving makes sense. The name Dexion has been associated with the development of the slotted angle steel shelving system, widely used since the 1950s, for domestic and commercial shelving and storage racking purposes. 

Prior to Dexion's foundation in 1937, the majority of shelving was made solely from wood. The founder, Australian born engineer Demetrius Comino, wanted a better solution for storing paper at his printing business. 

Based on his design he opened a small factory and business steadily increased. The product range increased and within 15 years, so too did the Dexion name becoming synonymous with quality shelving and construction material. In 1956 the Winter Olympics' ski stadium at Cortina d'Ampezzo was even constructed from Dexion.

Nowadays Dexion is the leader in logistics storage solutions with their pallet rack systems being utilised in warehouses around the world. The same quality and rugged products are available in a consumer range. 

The benefit of Dexion is the interchangeability of their components. Shelves can slot into a variety of frames , frames work with multiple braces, and mounting plates with a variety of product bins. 

At home, with space at a premium, you can transform your garage with the use of a Dexion system. Why not have a storage system that your car can fit under? Or have your tools mounted on a slotted display board for easy use? 

With lighter-weight models for the attic, sturdier models for the garage and an industrial range suitable for warehouse storage racking purposes, on eBay, you'll find a Dexion solution to suit your needs.