Diamond Cup Wheel

Diamond Cup Wheel Grinder Discs

A diamond cup wheel is a metal industrial tool with sections covered in bonded diamond particles. They are a type of grinding wheel, usually mounted on concrete grinders for application to rough or abrasive building materials, such as concrete or marble.

Diamond Cup Wheel Grinder Disc Uses

A stone grinder can be specialised for anything from evening out large-scale pavement, removing surface flaws from building stone or even polishing gems. A concrete grinding disc attaches to the appropriate machine, applying to the surface to smooth it out during construction. A jeweller might use a smaller disc and machine to carefully shape the cut facets of a ruby or diamond. While the size and specifics of the process vary, the overall end goal is the same at any scale.

Diamond Cup Wheel Grinder Disc Types

You can often identify diamond grinding wheels by their design or manufacture. Large sections are meant for concrete or stone, while smaller and fewer segments indicate the wheel is for stripping paint and similar. A softer bond between metal and diamond particles goes on wheels that gear toward harder surfaces, and less resilient materials call for a harder bond.