A fine diamond ring for everyone

A fine diamond ring is an important part of your jewellery collection. The beguiling sparkle of a diamond as it catches the light is truly a sight to behold, making you feel proud and special to display this gorgeous gemstone upon your finger.

If you’re shopping for a fine diamond ring for yourself or someone else, there are many things to consider. For instance, which type of metal do you prefer? Gold is always a popular choice, but within that category there are a number of subsets, such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and so on. The real conundrum comes, however, when narrowing down your diamond setting preferences. With an infinite number available – and most on eBay – it’s a tricky choice.

The simplicity of a solitaire

A single solitaire diamond says so much, especially if you choose a high-karat stone. The simple prong setting really allows the clarity of the diamond to shine through. But if you want to up the sparkle factor, consider a cathedral setting. Mimicking the arches of a church cathedral, the metal side bands swoop upwards to support the diamond, giving it extra height and accentuating its beauty.

Something with more bling

If you’re after lots of sparkle, consider a halo setting. A halo ringhas a large centre stone surrounded by a concentric circle or square cluster of tinier stones, giving you that unique halo effect. You can opt to up the shine factor even further with a double halo.

A popular engagement choice

A three-stone settingis said to represent a couple’s past, present and future, making it a highly suitable engagement or anniversary ring. The stones can be the same size, or with the centre larger than the two on either side.

This just touches the tip of all the fine diamond ring settings available. Take your time to browse eBay’s extensive fine diamond ring listings to get a feel for what you like, or what that special someone in your life might like. With so much to choose from, and at highly competitive prices, you’re sure to find a fantastic fit.