Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kits

An easy and fun DIY craft project that results in a 5D piece of art, diamond cross stitch kits are popular for a reason. They are suitable for young and old, from beginners to advanced as the application is so simple and enjoyable to complete. There is no stitching involved. Simply apply the individual gemstones supplied in the kit to the corresponding codes on the canvas. Once completed, you have created a wonderful picture which can then be displayed with pride.

What to Expect in a Diamond Painting Kit

When you purchase a diamond embroidery kit, it will generally have all you need to get started making your masterpiece. Most kits include individual plastic gemstones to match the project outlined in the full instructions, a pick-up tool, tweezers, glue, a tray for the gemstones, and the printed canvas. Many sellers do not include the frame, but once completed you may wish to frame the finished article yourself.

Sizes of Diamond Cross Stitch Paintings

These fun craft projects come in a variety of sizes. A smaller size canvas of 30 cm x 40 cm will be quicker to finish and ideal for a first attempt at the craft. There are larger designs measuring 60 cm x 60 cm, and substantial 142 cm x 50 cm rectangular canvasses. These can be ideal gifts for craft-loving kids and older relatives.

Diamond Painting Designs

There really is a design to suit everyone when it comes to diamond cross stitch kits. Youngsters are well catered for with Disney characters, cartoon, fairies and animals, to name a few. However, diamond embroidery kits dont stop there, with beautiful realistic landscapes, animal designs, flowers, and still life pictures.

Suggested Uses for Diamond Cross Stitch Kits

The benefits and enjoyment derived from these diamond cross stitch kits are many. They make an excellent companionable family craft project or a perfect way to relax and practise mindfulness. The finished product can be framed and hung in your home or turned into a meaningful gift.