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Dickies Men’s Trousers

Few clothing companies have a wider audience than Dickies. Originally strictly a workwear company, they now manufacture and sell high visibility trousers alongside skinny chinos.


Dickies has been making rugged clothing since 1922. First founded in Bryan, Texas, it has since developed into a global company. The company is heavily focused on durable workwear, making steel-toed boots, heavyweight rain-proof jackets and fire-retardant trousers alongside more everyday clothes. Despite this, it has also won crossover appeal as a fashion brand and been adopted by celebrities. In Australia, Dickies is well known for its skate apparel, selling everyday casual clothing alongside bibs and coveralls.

Workwear Trousers

Dickies men’s workwear trousers are built for the farm, the workshop and the factory. Designs like their Industry 300 Trouser and Reaper Trouser are made from heavyweight blends of polyester and cotton to make them as durable as possible. Many of their designs also feature reinforcement at high wear areas to prevent them from wearing through, particularly at the knees or in the seat. Construction details such as gusseted crotches provide additional mobility for hard, physical work. Carrying capacity is as important as durability, and Dickies cargo trousers make up a large proportion of their lineup. The Eisenhower Extreme Trouser is a particularly good example of this, with multiple hip pockets, holster pockets and a cargo pocket for carrying tools and gear.

Everyday Trousers

As well as their rugged, ultra-functional workwear designs, Dickies also makes some more ordinary trousers for everyday wear. However, on the workwear side of the company, even Dickies chinos are still built for toughness. Office-appropriate styles like the Redhawk Trouser and the Marston Trouser are still made from rugged polyester-cotton blends and fitted with heavy-duty hardware. Even the company’s more fashion-oriented trousers still contain nods to the company’s heritage, with designs like the 874 Original featuring heavy-duty tunnel belt loops and a stain release finish.

Specialised Trousers

Sometimes just being tough isn’t enough, which is why Dickies also produces protective trousers for various dangers. The company offers various styles of flame-resistant trousers, including extremely protective designs made with specialised flame-resistant fibres and treatments like Aramid and Pyrovatex. They also manufacture a variety of styles of high visibility safety trousers for ensuring that you can be seen.