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The Australian didgeridoo belongs to the amazing family of folk world wind instruments and is a must-have for every dedicated Aussie music fan. This old instrument has lasted through times and is now immensely popular and widely available all over the world. Before buying one for yourself, get to know its aspects to best honour such an ancient instrument.


The timber that constitutes the material for the didgeridoo plays a key role in its sound. Although most didgeridoos come from eucalyptus trees, no trees are exactly the same. To start with, Australia has more than 1,000 species of eucalyptus. The timber quality also differs depending on how the tree grew and whether it suffered from termites. The didgeridoos sound different, but there is no right or wrong; it all boils down to personal preference. Note that modern versions can also be from PVC or plastic, which are both durable, but lack the natural feel.


The length affects the sound your didgeridoo makes. The longer the didgeridoo, the deeper the sound. Beginner didgeridoos are generally between 100 cm and 145 cm and produce more high-pitched sounds. When learning, the shortest option is actually suitable as it is easier to hold.


Although the finish on the didgeridoo does not have any effect on the sound, it does have one on your eyes and maybe also on your audience, should you decide to perform. If you want to stay true to the original, pick a plain natural eucalyptus finish. The polished eucalyptus looks a bit more sophisticated and can have fancy engravings on it. The painted ones are, however, the most elaborate options available. When you buy a painted wind instrument, try to find one by aboriginal artists for the best quality.

Didgeridoo Brands

You can find plenty of unbranded didgeridoos when you shop, but choosing a reliable brand might be a good choice as well. Schalloch, X8 Drums, TDS, Didjeribone, Toca, and Meinl Percussion make some of the greatest didges available.

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