Diecast Tanks and Military Vehicles   

Collecting diecast toys like cars and trucks is a fun hobby that can be enjoyed by all member of the family. Diecast vehicles, such as tanks and military vehicles, have intricate details that make them resemble the actual vehicles that they are modelled after and many have moving parts that allow them to serve as toys as well as showpieces. Everything from tanks to plane to ships are available in diecast miniatures.   

What sizes of diecast tanks and military vehicles are there?    

Diecast vehicles are listed by the ratio that the toy vehicle is compared to the actual vehicle. The scales range from 1:3 all the way up to 1:700 and larger. Those at the higher end of the scale tend to be large vehicles in real life like battleships and aircraft carriers. Typical sizes for many diecast tanks and military vehicles range from 1:18 to 1:32.   

What kind of diecast military vehicles are available?   

Some of the options for diecast military vehicles include:   

  • German Panzer tanks 
  • U.K. Sherman Firefly tanks 
  • U.S. M3 Lee tanks 
  • U.S. F-14A Tomcat planes 
  • German Luftwaffe bomber planes 
  • USS Arizona battleship 
  • U.K. Westland Whirlwind helicopter   

These diecast vehicles have all the markings of the real thing and have moving parts like wheels, canopies and treads.