Diecast Trucks and Vehicles

Diecast toys such as cars, lorries, vans, tractors and trucks are made mostly of metal with small details made of rubber, plastic or glass. Shop for Diecast toys here on eBay or discover the Diecast model you've been searching for to complete your collection.

Opened or Unopened

You can buy unopened or opened Diecast vehicles depending on personal preference. If the model will be heavily played with, you won't have to worry much about the condition of the toy but collectors may prefer to buy an unopened model to ensure quality and authenticity.

Diecast Model Cars, Trucks and Vans

Shop by vehicle or trailer makes such as Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Scania, Volkswagen or Toyota and so on. Matchbox cars are perfect for playtime or adding to your model collection. Attach a trailer to your vehicle to carry heavy loads or go for one of the Diecast trucks. From Vintage Matchbox Corgi Solido fire trucks to Dinky trucks with a matching trailer, you'll find the perfect Diecast vehicle here on eBay.

Construction Equipment

Expand your search and add a crane, trailer or a few trucks to your collection. Discover a limited-edition model or go for something ideal for outdoor use. Construction based models include concrete mixer trucks, cranes, garbage trucks and service trucks. Most trucks include a trailer.

Farm Vehicles

If you love farm-life, go for one of the combine harvester trucks or a tractor model for a rural style. Transport heavy loads with a heavy-duty logging hauler truck and trailer. Replicas of trucks and cars are also available and are ideal if you're going for a particular style of vehicle for your toy collection.

Accessories and Displays

If you need a trailer or some extra parts for your trucks and other Diecast vehicles, search for accessories, parts and displays right here on eBay. Play with great tracks for your toys or customise your vehicles with stickers, decals and iron-on. For the collectors, go for a stunning display case and stand to keep your favourite Diecast trucks and models in pristine condition.