Diecast Vehicle Display Cases and Stands

For collectors, displaying diecast model cars is part of the fun. You can show off your collection in a model car display cabinet or add your models to your desktop or shelves in an acrylic display box. There are many options that depend on how many models you have and what type of case you desire. Cases protect your models as well as display them for your enjoyment.


Model car display cases vary. Whether you want to show off one car in an acrylic display box or multiple cars in a larger display, there are many choices available to you. For instance, you could select an acrylic display box with multiple compartments to show off a number of cars at once or enjoy displaying a prized model car on a tall, floor-length stand. Display shelves can be wall-mounted and hold many or several vehicles, and a single box comes in varied sizes and styles depending on your needs. A portable case lets you tote your trucks and cars, while a floating frame provides a chic, modern look.


While many display cases are made of durable, thick acrylic that eliminates dust and debris from getting into your models, other cabinet and case options include wood and glass. Lighted stands made of metal feature LED lights to put a spotlight on your collectibles. Acrylic boxes have bottoms made of wood or plastic, and stands sometimes offer felt on top to cushion your model and resist scratches or scuffs.


Lighted cases call attention to your models, and mountable boxes make it easy to hang your collection on the wall. Cases that rotate show off your cars at all angles, while cases that feature anti-skid materials ensure your car doesn't roll away and become damaged. Add a bit of luxury to your favourite model by choosing a case with a leather base.


Multiple model brands manufacture display cases, stands and boxes. Some reputable brands to keep in mind include AUTOart, Herpa, MINICHAMPS and BBR. You can display branded models in their compatible cases, or select models of the right size to display in any matching case. Cases for model helicopters may be larger than model car cases.