Diesel Stationary Engine Motors

Stationary Diesel Motors and Engines

Diesel stationary engines and motors have proved to be extremely efficient and cost effective. The engines boast high output and torque and there are many sizes and types to choose from including vintage stationary engines and 13-horsepower engines and motors.

Quality Products

Diesel engines are highly reliable and have a long service life. They are assembled with high-quality parts that make the engines very durable. Although they are similar to petrol engines, they generate more power and are the force behind most of the biggest machines available today. Large or small, the engines boast a high power density and are designed with standard equipment ensuring shortened pre-heating times and quick start-ups.

Multiple Applications

Everyone loves multi-functional products. Once you purchase a diesel engine, you can use it for different purposes. Today, the engines are commonly used as mechanical engines, power generators and automobiles. Diesel generators are popularly used for the provision of prime or standby backup power. Additionally, you can use the engine to power construction equipment and in industrial and agricultural applications.

Different Options

You can opt for an air-cooled engine or a water-cooled one, depending on your preference. Additionally, the engines are bundled with different accessories to ensure they meet customer needs. Although some of the add-ons arent compulsory, they may include radiator kits, fuel filters, air cleaner kits and mounting legs.


Diesel engines always strive to match high power with cleaner exhausts. The engines are people- and environmentally-friendly, and meet current emission regulations. With a low-noise diesel motor, you can ensure you work in peace and that your neighbours arent affected.