Switch up your sound with DigiTech

DigiTech is an American company that designs and produces digital guitar and bass effects pedals and equipment. DigiTech is most notable for its DigiTech Whammy created back in 1989, which introduced the ability to control pitch-shifting effects with the feet.

DigiTech Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals

For a truly diverse range of sounds and effects, why not take a look at the DigiTech Guitar Multi Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal.

Featuring 58 effects, a guitar tuner, and 200 presets, theres also an inbuilt headphone jack so you can crank up the volume without annoying the neighbours.

To add extra depth to your sound, choose from 45 different drum and rhythm tracks and set the pace to suit you.

DigiTech Trio Plus Band Creator and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

Create your own unique fresh sound with a DigiTech Trio effect pedal. This guitar pedal is specially designed to apply sound modulations and reverb by introducing effects like a much deeper bass line.

Plus, to give you extra control over the tone of the sound, this Stompbox unit comes with the genre, style, and tempo knob and features a jack input and a jack output connector.

Digitech Trio Band Creator Pedal

If youre tired of playing alone, create your own band with a Digitech Trio Band Creator Pedal.

This pedal actually listens to the way you play and automatically offers up the right level of bass and drums for your track, just plug in and play.

With seven genres to choose from including blues, rock, country, R&B, pop, and jazz, youll find your ideal sound in no time.

An optional DigiTech FS3X Footswitch can also be added to the pedal for smooth, hassle-free choosing of song parts and sounds.

So, whether youre just experimenting with new sounds and effects or youve been gigging for years, all sorts of amazing DigiTech sound equipment awaits you in this great range.