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The art of buying great presents for loved ones has come a long way in the 21st century. The days of socks and underwear as birthday and Christmas staples are long gone, replaced in part by a new appreciation for gift cards and vouchers including digital gifts. That’s right, we’re talking about those increasingly popular online gift cards delivered and received via email – a convenient contemporary twist on more traditional methods of sharing. If you’re not there to hand over a present in person, digital gifts are the next best thing to gift certificates. They might even be the best thing!

Whatever the receiver’s personal interests, you’ll be able to find a gift card for related products and services by leading brands across a wide array of sectors. There are digital gift cards offering a pre-nominated value on music, movies, food, entertainment, sports and outdoors, fashion and retail, electronics and gaming, home and decor, or unique experiences via RedBalloon. Why take a wild guess when you can give the gift of choice?

An Apple App Store and iTunes digital gift card lets a loved one with Apple devices spend $30, $50 or $100, however, they like on Apple’s amazing range of apps, music, books, games, podcasts, etc. Are they more of a TV and movie buff? No problem, send them a Netflix or cinema gift card to use as their very own custom entertainment package. 

You can also get eBay gift cards so that your partner, friend, relative or colleague has complete flexibility to buy the thing or things that make them happy when the time is right. With millions of different items for sale on eBay, the online shopping world will truly be that special person’s oyster.

Say congratulations, get well soon, happy anniversary, happy Easter or happy Valentine’s Day with an eGift card from eBay. Is that special occasion fast approaching? Quick, it’s digital gift card time!

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