Digital Vernier Caliper

When it is important to know the precise distance between the opposite sides of an object, a caliper is often the tool of choice. A device that has been around for centuries many calipers us a hinge that is connected to a pair of legs that open and close on the hinge and allow for the measurement to be taken for more precise measurements, especially of small objects, a vernier caliper is necessary. For extremely precise measurements rendered in a digital format, a digital vernier caliper is the tool of choice.

What is a digital vernier caliper?

A digital caliper is a measuring tool used to provide an exact reading for the inside, outside and depth of small objects. The digital version of a vernier caliper displays the results of the measure via an LCD screen attached to the device. In most cases, a digital vernier caliper is able to measure anything that is within 150 millimetres, although some larger caliper can measure twice that amount. Materials used for digital vernier calipers include stainless steel or carbon fibre.

What are the parts of a digital vernier caliper?

There are several essential parts of a digital vernier caliper. These include:

  • Depth rod, probe or measuring blade: this measure the depth of an object, such as a hole
  • Main scale: a metric measurement marked in millimetres or inches and fractions for U.S. imperial measurements
  • Vernier scale: shows interpolated metric measurements to 0.1 of a millimetre or more or in fractions of an inch for U.S. imperial measurements
  • Retainer: blocks any moving parts in order to transfer measurement easily
  • Large external jaws: located on the outside, these measure the outside width or diameter of an object
  • Small internal jaws: located on the inside, these measure the inside diameter or width of an object
  • LCD screen: a liquid crystal display that shows the precise measurement in a digital format

Many of these devices also feature a locking thumb screw, that helps keep the jaws in place. Digital calipers run on battery power, such as 1.5-volt alkaline batteries, and some models have an on/off switch.

What accessories are needed to use a digital vernier caliper?

Because it is a precise measuring tool, a protective cover is essential to ensure its longevity. Some devices come with a carrying case and extra batteries as part of a set.