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Dining Furniture Sets

A house isn't a home without a comfortable place to gather and eat. Choosing a dining furniture set gives you all of the essentials and ensures that they will match well.

What Goes Into a Dining Room Set?

  • Dining room sets are often listed as five-piece or seven-piece sets. This means that there is one table plus enough chairs to make up the total.
  • The table is the centrepiece, literally, of any dining room set. The table in a dining set will be the right size to fit the number of dining chairs that it comes with, so make sure that it is big enough for your family. Most tables are rectangular, but circular tables fit more easily into smaller spaces while extending tables are very useful when you have guests.
  • Once you having a dining table, you need some dining room chairs to go around it. Most dining room sets come with either four or six chairs, designed to match the table. Some come with more or fewer chairs.
  • Some dining sets come with benches instead of chairs. These make it easier to fit more people in when you have guests and they also give your dining set a more casual look. Benches are especially popular for outdoor dining but they also work very well in indoor settings.

Which Materials Can I Choose From?

  • People have used wood furniture since furniture was invented, and dining tables are no exception. A solid wood dining set is a great centrepiece for any family dining room, while wood finished tables and chairs have the same appearance at a much more moveable weight.
  • Wood can be plain or varnished for a natural rustic look that preserves the grain or painted for a more uniform appearance. More modern wooden table designs often pair a wooden top with metal legs.
  • Glass dining sets are a great fit for more modern interior concepts. A transparent surface helps to make your dining room look bigger. The smooth surface is also easy to wipe clean.
  • Some glass tables are made from frosted glass instead, which has a crisp white colour and won't show fingerprints like transparent glass does.
  • Glass tables usually aren't paired with glass chairs but they make a great counterpart for colourful or minimalist modern chairs made from wood, metal or plastic.
  • Outdoor dining furniture sets are usually made from durable and weather-resistant materials like treated wood, plastic, rattan or aluminium.