Dining Tables

Dining Table

A dining table may seem like a simple investment, but this is one of the most important pieces of furniture for any kitchen or dining room. It is where family will gather to share meals and long talks. Choosing the right table means selecting one thats appropriately sized, designed to match existing furniture, and special to the family. Whether an oak dining table is the right fit or a glass dining table creates the right look really depends on the needs of the buyer.

Oak and Other Wood Tables

Wooden dining tables are perhaps one of the most common items. Oak dining tables, specifically, are common. However, other wood varieties may work well including mahogany, beech, walnut, and pine. Accessibility to various types of wood, whether crafted domestically or internationally, will play a role in overall cost. The wood grain, overall durability of the wood, and unique characteristics of the piece can help round out this decision.

Glass Dining Tables

Glass tables are another popular option. Glass adds a bit more of an elegant feel to the table. These tables are often combined with metal or iron detailing, but can also be complemented by wood, plastic, or other materials. Clear or coloured glass are also choices buyers have to make. A highly durable quality of glass is important since this can define how well the table stands up to everyday use.

Marble Dining Tables

Perhaps an option with more value and a unique look, marble dining tables are a fantastic option for elevated spaces. More stylish and a bit more lavish, these tables can provide more dimension and character to the room. Marble colours range widely with no two pieces sharing the same patterns. Faux marble is also an option for some tables. Marble is quite modern and definitely a statement piece.

Unique Shapes and Styles

Dining tables are typically round or rectangular in shape, but other options are available as well. Matching them with coffee tables is another way to create a stunning look in a smaller space or in an area where the dining and living rooms connect. Various height options exist as well.

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