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Dinky Vintage Diecast Cars, Trucks and Vans

Dinky Vintage Diecast Cars Trucks and Vans

Serious collectors will appreciate the variety that vintage Dinky cars provide. These diecast cars are the perfect addition with their unique designs and realistic details. You will find models from multiple years and different scales to fit in perfectly with your current collection or you can even start a new one.

Type of Vehicle

Choose from a wide range of Dinky cars, all of which are great additions to any collection or to start with. Go for basic diecast model cars or select Dinky vintage diecast buses, truck or van. You can even narrow your options down with a delivery or dump truck for instance. An estate car is a rare find which can enhance the value and appeal of your collection. Many of the Dinky vintage diecast commercial vehicles were for transport such as an ambulance or Royal Mail truck.

Colour of Vehicle

Make sure your Dinky car collection stands out with a variety of colours for your favourite models. For instance, you could choose to have an all-black display or purchase only brown Dinky vehicles. You might want to add in a fiery red model or classic silver and white. No matter which colour you choose, these vehicles are sure to make a bold statement.

Scale of Vehicle

The scale of the model will tell you its size in comparison to the real vehicle. For Dinky vehicles, the scale will vary, and may range from 1/43 to 1/55 with some up to 1/80. If size matters in your collection, you will want to pay attention to scale for a uniform set.

Year of Vehicle

Many of these vehicles are replicas of real transport vehicles from the 1940s and 1950s. You can choose to collect a specific year or purchase vehicles from all the years they were made. Some model years will be rarer than others.